There is a reason why you are here.

  Knowing Jesus as a person and experiencing life with Him in an exciting way is our prayer for     you. That’s why our mission is to reach people, touch lives, and make a difference in the      community.
 Minister Serveh Wilson believes the best way to do this is through the word of  God  and  loving all mankind.
 Our vision is  to advance the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world and reclaim God's  territories in all parts of the world.
 Our Ministry is also involved in MEDICAL RELIEF SERVICES for the underpreviledged children of God.
 The Ministry is non-denominational, and we believe in every word out of the BIBLE. 
 Minister Serveh strongly believes that our vision and mission can be accomplished by doing  the following:
  • Praying & Fasting
  • Preaching the Gospel
  • Sharing God's Love
  • Serving God's People
  • Connecting to the body of Christ
  • Making ourselves available to God's direction
 We invite you to join us in executing God's mission for victory.
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About us

 Building the Kingdom of God is our primary goal.
HOW do go about this
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Time
  • Praise Night
  • Medical Relief
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